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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


No man is an island but every man needs an island. Here is mine. It sits on the corner of my desk and beside the umbrella (for effect) it only has room for my thoughts and a dime. I was once told that in order to block my eyes from seeing the sun I only need something the size of a dime to cover them. The moral of the story is that a small little problem the size of a dime can if I allow it to completely block me from seeing the source of energy and light. When my thoughts travel to the island they find the dime there... just in case I need a reminder.Last Friday I visited an Amish/Mennonite community and toured a museum of sorts. This was especially interesting because I am taking a class on the roots of their theology and this past week I watched a video of how many were persecuted for their beliefes. This "Tongue Screw" was used to put on the tongues of martyrs so they couldn't sing or testify about Jesus in their death. A modern picture of one of these may look alot like my problems. The devil gives me a few struggles and it shuts me up about Jesus.