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Friday, May 30, 2008

I had the privilege of officiating at a service honoring a friend and former church member.  Just before this model of a gentleman closed his eyes and conceded to death, he whispered to his granddaughter, "We've had a blast."  They wrote those four potent words on the back of each vehicle in the funeral procession.  So, before you worry away the time... Let's have a blast.
A few boys. And some good rides.
Memorial Day weekend, friends invited me out to their cabin on an island.  So I took my little sleeping bag and road out in their boat.  This is where I sat and what I saw in the first quiet moments of morning.
The cabin. 
My view in a canoe doing a solo trip.
What's on your mind?  Just have a seat... 
Very random... Just needed to post it.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

If I were a flower, I would want to be an iris.  I have irises growing outside the front of my house. There is no aroma from nature as beautiful as what these phenomenal flowers proffer.  The assistant at my church office told me today that I was visual.  I won't argue that.  However when it comes to smells... hmmm.... just now a myriad of wonderful smells wafted into my mind.  I love to smell.  I guess now that I have spelled it out, I would rather be the shrub next to the irises... that is one lucky bush.
Now a few other thoughts. About romance.
 What a beautiful idea, and wouldn't it be like the devil to target it.  This week I listened to the story of a praying husband for a wife that left, talked to a young lady who's boyfriend won't acknowledge her attempts to be sweet, heard a husband admit his verbal abuse to his wife, and I want to cry "stop."  I'm not calling for conflict-free relationships... just romance.  The will is just as involved as the emotions, its time for a generation to stand up and say we "will" to love - This, by-the-way, is how G0d painted a self-portrait.  Good is the enemy of great... don't just hold hands with romance... dance and sing with it.  
(just needed to say something)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sunday I was in Washington D.C. for the day and took time to visit United States Botanic Gardens (this would be the official garden for our country- it is actually operated by congress).  What an amazing experience of flower wonder. I would show you pictures but then you would get very jealous and not look at my blog anymore.  At the end of my tour through paradise in a greenhouse I was exposed...
Well Mr. Alfred Austin... 
I have no secrets... now you know.  I guess this little plot lays me bare.  I'm sitting here analyzing this picture at 11 p.m., hoping to figure myself out.  Here's what I do know... This may be me now... but if Mr. Austin wants to know what I will be like... He needs to read a garden described in Genesis & the last of Revelation.
For the record - there is beauty in my yard.
Come on... admit it... its funny.
While in front of the White House we were ordered away from the area... because Marine One was approaching.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Graduation took place this past weekend.  I graduated with a superlative group of pastors.
And we are ready to conquer any theological question!
The quote of the weekend was:  "The greatest education acquired was learning what it means to be a friend." (Note: the arm with the peace sign has mysterious origins and is not mine)
I pause here to recognize three individuals that were not there but deserve mention:  Shawn William Brace, Adam Joseph Deibert, & Wade F. W. Forde.
The end of one thing is the beginning of the another, I am a pilgrim again. 
(Yuichiro Miura -skied down everest)

I was told  I look like my mom - Happy Mother's Day, Mom!