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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Since many of you are unsure of what we do... here you are.  A journal of my day:
I arrive at the office midmorning and while waiting for members to call and compliment me on last week's sermon, I practice my golf swing.  Tiring of that I decide that member visitation is important... so...
...off I go.  Except with gas prices I am forced to ride my motorcycle on this sunny afternoon.
Once I get there I am seated on a comfortable chair asking them about life and family.

The visit took extra time and more work because I had to get to know the family dog.
Later that evening I decide it would be good to be involved in the community, so... I connect with  the church softball team.
(we won... and the ball on the cone is staged)
Now I am home... I am tired after a busy day.  I think I need a vacation.
And right on time - I am headed for Europe next week... I will be preaching.
In other news: Last week was VBS - my office assistant turned two of my socks into puppets.
So all week, in the opening program was the Willie and Nillie show

Friday, July 04, 2008

During family worship time at campmeeting the other week I played the role of Detective Burnett (that's with two "T's" not one) who was assigned by the International Association of the National Associated to investigate if Jesus was only for girls.
An emerging thought is that God revealed Himself in the Old Testament as a parent would to a young child, but as we (God's people) matured over time He was able to reveal, as it were, His more true self in the New Testament.  The OT picture being a God that commands, that conquers, and that kills.  The NT revelation maybe being best summarized in "love your enemy" or "turn the other cheek." The immediate problem is that is discredits what I read about God in the OT, demoting it below what I read in the NT.  Our  "OT God" must fully be Himself, or we are contradicting our claims to the entirety of Scripture.  Without taking another step, I should say that it is cogent that God is emotional and has made love the most powerful of agents - and He has invited us to be participants in both of these.
But there is something beyond theology that has troubled me.  Twice this week I have dealt with situations where I was looking to hold a man accountable and to challenge him and a woman (wife) finished the conversation for him actually covering for him.  This is not good.  
At the risk of generalizing and sounding like a male chauvinist, some women who in their intention to be in their God-given place (next to man) overstep their bounds. It is wrong for men to see women for only procreation and pleasure. Men need women for all the beautiful and wonderful things that make a woman.    The negative affect is equal.   Women, you need men for more than procreation and pleasure (actually heard this recently from a woman).  Let us lead in being patriotic, protective, and committed.