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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Something is gripping for me about the adage: "You're welcome at my fire anytime." It's almost midnight, I am sitting here listening to the wind and rain thinking of why this invitation is so intriguing... Okay, here is my conclusion: The invitation is hospitality, but its more. It is an invitation to join in security and rest... when you don't have either. "Fire" insinuates more than a geographical location... its emotional and spiritual. In a period of aloneness(different in my mind than loneliness), fear, or struggle for hope... I suppose few things could be better said by a fellow mortal than for them to open their heart... and invite.

This is a good 'ole southern "howdy" from Kyle - I spent Thanksgiving in Georgia with this good friend, his wonderful family, and his dog Hank.

The Christmas season actually began this week at my house... our Christmas lights went up and then Walter and I had a little official ceremony which consisted of going outside and taking video and pictures of our lights... then we went back inside to study.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

This week I am sharing what I am thankful for! In your comment - share your "thanks."

This picture brings up several things: First it was taken outside the home of my parents while I was there this summer - so I am thankful for those memories.
I am thankful for the harvest of wonderful foods - I am not too old to be amazed at what a seed along with rain, dirt and sunshine make. I am always reminded of the fact that Jesus said He won't drink any grape juice until He drinks with us in heaven. I have wondered if grape juice is His favorite - I know He looks forward to seeing us and drinking grape juice with us.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

(in case my mom reads this... remember it is "funny")

I got up one morning and discovered that I was... not married but I was the recipient of a prank. I took my truck to class like this and was congratulated by several :) Here is where funny gets funnier. That evening I had to pick up the wife of a friend and and her two children at the airport - I took my truck as was. I was laughing at the stories people must have told on their way home: "Ya know, it must have been hard for

them ... having to take their two small kids on their honeymoon..."

Here is another knee slapper: Last night I was at the laundrymat drying my clothes. The laundrymat closed at 9 p.m. At about 8:58 I received a phone call and walked outside of the building to talk... two minutes later I heard the door lock and the lights went out! What I want to know is.... when in the world did laundrymats start having automatic locks at closing time! And why? And why me? Through the window I could still see my clothes enjoying the circle action in the dryer. So what do you do when the laundrymat has automatic locks... and you're on the outside... I found out - you go home and go to bed without your clothes.
The funniest story has yet to be told...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I was bundled up with coat, scarf, hat, and gloves... and I was walking back from swimming at the pool... it was dark but as I passed under a street light... I saw it... and it was dancing. The snowflake seemed even to be inviting me to join. I dance too little. Must I explain what I mean by dancing? Sometimes my expression is stiffled by concern over technicalities and "what-ifs." The heart seeks to spill out... but alas the mind often is the enemy. So I pass on the invitation from the snowflake - lets me and you dance. And stop there? No! We can keep inviting... dancing...inviting... and dancing.
I have just finished a paper... but before I go dance, here are a few pictures of people I had fun with this past week.

There was a food drive organized that a nice little group of people participated in.

I attended a birthday party... for two 10 year old Honda cars!

Confession time came at the party when all had to tell their story of getting out of a speeding ticket!