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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am home... since I was last here I have been in New York, Germany, France, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio.
Most of that time I spent in Germany working with a team of about 50 young people that were dedicating 2 weeks of their summer to look for and reach lost people with the gospel.  For me it was a fantastic experience and I was changed by this blessing.
It's hard to always know which way to go in a foreign train station.
You can assume the rest of me is also waiting.
The evangelistic series was held in the church each night.
Preaching there was a privilege.
The team assembled each day for training before lunch.  Then in the afternoon they would go out door-to-door or to the center of the city to give people free books and invitations to come to the evening meetings.  They had a myriad of creative ways to do this.  Here is the team in prayer:
They were creative in reaching out.  One way: Someone dressed up as the Daniel 2 prophecy statue and then stood in a conspicuous spot - when someone(s) stopped in curiosity a young person standing by would explain the meaning and invite them to the meeting.
Even some very young members of the local church were excited and indefatigable inviting people.
The team was tenacious and very non-threatening in reaching everyone. 

Another creative approach:  They built a light metal frame surrounded it with carpet and posted invitation and posters around it.  Someone would get inside and lift it- it became a moving billboard. I tried it (as it didn't require me to use any of my 10 german words).  You would move it a corner and set it down,  then you could pick it up and move right down the sidewalk... this would catch peoples attention and someone standing by would give them an invitation (or in this case the little boy to the right).
Of course it was impossible not to make friends.  Behind us is old convent we hiked to in the Black Forest.
More good people.
We had a picnic by this little Catholic chapel in the woods. 
This is the German vs. American "Jumping" competition - to soon be seen in the Olympics.