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Monday, February 19, 2007

Some have been complaining about the cold temperatures... today I am not sure what they are talking about. It would have been a beautiful day at the beach (except for the large piles of ice on them). The mercury climbed so high today I had to take a moment outside with my Bermuda shorts and my Hawaiian shirt.
Although it was a bit warmer today in Berrien Springs, it wasn't paradise. But I was thinking about when it will be... I took part in an Agape Supper this week celebrating the love of God for us. It reminded me that Jesus is waiting until we get to heaven to drink grape juice again. Besides that reminder, the building of mansions is a constant for Him reminding us that He thinks alot about us. When we follow Jesus we find the paradise.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Skiing is fun... but tree skiing is additionally fun. Skiing in the trees is a unique experience. One moment you can be skiing down a run with dozens of others and then duck into a slope of trees and seconds later you are completely and utterly alone. This week I was told: "To Face God You Must Meet Him Alone." Participating in a liturgy is an opportunity to come to God... but coming to the face of God can only be done alone. Even within a worship service the devil can get us to think that by being present in a worship service places us before God (I doubt that does anymore than listening to the radio). So, whether in a forest or a sanctuary I remind myself and encourage you to go face God.

Then there are times with people. I was reminded this week by a friend that women (in a romantic context) need to hear and feel you care often - or in other words, repeatedly. With all respect to the ladies, I think it would be a worthwhile endeavor to let all know as often as possible how much I/you care. It seems like that would reflect the actions of God... He very often tells us how much He cares and He does it in many ways.