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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I have a "spot" in an oak grove behind the house I am staying at that I go to in the morning to read my Bible and talk to Jesus. The first week I sat on a old railroad tie but my host family found out and put a chair out for me. Sunday morning I was sitting out reading the story of Moses' interaction with God and then later with pharaoh and the plagues. I was reflecting on God's question to Moses - "Who made your mouth?" While I was meditating on this the neighbors (who I cannot see through the trees) launched themselves into a screaming match degrading each other and obviously themselves. It's not good... there is too many nice things to say about each other. On the same note Walter just found a song I listened to while riding the public transportation in Mexico - the phrase that has stuck with me these years was the father telling his little boy that he loves him and his mother. (It's worth listening to even if you don't know spanish - "Mi Corazon Lloro"). I was reminded of the power God has privileged us with in the use of voice and words. Enjoy using them and blessing someone(s).

On our day off each week we like to escape to the mountains... this is Benton falls.

This is looking over the falls - I was trying to feel risky!

This is our executive office, known by some as Panera Bread.

We have some really good stories coming out of field school.

Last week my truck tire kept going flat... matter-a-fact I spend $2.25 at different gas stations filling it up. I checked it and there was no visible cause. So I took it to the shop and asked the man if he could check it - He said "nope, don't have time for that" and walked away... I stood there not able to say anything for the 3 seconds it took him to turn around and with a big laugh said, "sure bring it right in." Above, is the screwdriver he pulled out of the inside of my tire.

Friday, September 07, 2007


I am spending the next month and ahalf in Cleveland, TN working with churches to teach their community Bible truth. Besides our two directors there are 12 others that make the team. We study, work, and relax together. This is an "official" board meeting in the parking lot.

I am extremely enjoying a Peruvian restaurant here... someday I will need to travel there.

Daniel and I practicing our duties as cameramen for the series of meetings.

This is on top of Signal Mountain - a point used during the Civil War to relay messages up and down the river between GA and TN.

We are "hanging" off of Signal Mountain. (This is a Paeter look-alike)

Despite the fun we have had, we still remain here for one purpose - God, for your glory, give us Cleveland, TN.