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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I was just amusing myself thinking about one notable opposite... and then it led to another... and well here is what I have got to say.
My mom and dad: My mom drives a 4 door sedan and my dad drives a diesel 4X4 Dodge - opposites (in styles of cars). Sabbath evening after getting home my parents wanted to take me to see a light show... my dad was driving, I was in the front passenger seat and my mom was in the back...when my mom asked if we heard the noise she heard - sounds like the muffler she said - my dad and I "gently" rolled our eyes (we hadn't heard anything and what does she know about the muffler anyway). Minutes later we were on the side of the road fixing a flat tire- Growing up I always knew my mom had good ears (and yes eyes in the back of her head).
My niece and I went for a walk... here she is, the young, and a very old truck we found - opposites.

So I arrived back in Berrien Springs Christmas evening - just in time for a nice dinner and a game -"The Battle of the Sexes." It pits guys against girls in questions that one gender would know and the other probably not. We boys struggled in questions on makeup, cooking and even fell short on a sewing question. So I declare that which has been declared... in many respects (lets not get started) the genders are opposite.

SEED AND MOUNTAIN -Here is a dynamic picture of opposites. In Matthew 17 Jesus is taking the physical to explain the spiritual. So he picks the smallest physical object (mustard seed) that was around him and points to the largest physical object (mountain) and explains the lesson. In was not an effort to measure faith but to show that as little and simple as faith is (asking, expecting, and waiting) it will take care of the biggest that confront us.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I've been meaning to blog about a topic inspired by a friend... but in the spirit of Christmas it will have to wait. Tonight I went to a Christmas party and fun it was. Besides the good food and wonderful treats... the activity of the night was the exhange of a "White Elephant" gift.

I was number 15 in the picking order... and the cute little green baggie I picked was filled with Taco Bell hot sauce. I couldn't "squeeze" a confession out of anyone on who was the giver but the laugh was medicine.
Other gifts of the evening included: A bowling ball, a bag of bar soap, a book on tape (you can ask Tennille about that), a prized Texas beltbuckle, and an exercise video.

Now I am at home... reflecting on Christmas and parties... thinking about Jesus. I am wondering about what kind of party Jesus would plan. Does that sound bad? I hope not. However it is quite possible that the usage of "party" will fail to describe the times of fun planned for in heaven. What will an evening get-together be like at someones mansion? Of course the Bible gives a glimpse of the times of corporate worship - those I can see as being the highlight. Maybe it's easy to slip into not thinking how personable we will be. As beautiful as it will be to stand with the unnumbered multitude, I'm picturing the pleasure of small circles of people having fun. Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Tomorrow begins our week of final exams here at Andrews... Tonight I am still reviewing a few things about critical contextualization and Hiebert's 3 dimensions of culture for tomorrows exam.

My reflection beyond that goes to...the end. Actually I have even been thinking about how this very week next year I will be ending my time here at the university and returning to my passion of serving as a pastor. Chronologically the end of the year is coming quickly.
There is one more end - it happens this week. Many months ago, Walter- my friend and housemate, fell in love with a beautiful girl... and in a few short weeks they will be married. So the end for our little home happens this week as
break begins and Walter and I go our separate ways... He has been a blessing for which I am and will forever be grateful to God for. We have had many good times... I think I have only been upset with him once...it was the time he didn't have dinner ready when I got home... :) Okay, I thought it was funny. So to you Walter: Thank you for many laughs, prayers, and conversations - thank you for showing me a picture of Jesus.

And to you Heather - continue to take good care of the boy... I'm happy for both of you. I pray God is wonderfully reflected in your love for each other. 

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Ten years ago, on December 7, returning from a choir concert in eastern Washington St. to our academy campus our school's bus collided with a semi truck. This a "day that will live in infamy" began for me a journey from which months later I would not only have to learn how to walk physically again but from which I learned to walk spiritually.

I was standing at the time of the accident up in the front next to my friend and principal Ray Cornforth. Mr. Cornforth gave himself to serving young people. He settled for less here because he knew God was going to give him a large diamond door knob on the front door of his mansion in heaven. His gifted tenor voice I well remember singing the words: "Last night I lay a-sleeping....and once again the scene was changed new earth there seemed to be I saw the Holy City beside the tideless sea...the gates were open wide and all who would might enter in and no one was denied..."

One decade ago, Ray Cornforth died - I didn't know it would be this long - him and I have a a special appointment. Because of his example I have chosen to keep my eyes fixed on the sky...thats where Jesus has chosen to meet us.

"Even so Lord Jesus, come."