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Monday, December 01, 2008

Last year I was given the classic movie A Charlie Brown Christmas and have decided viewing it should be a yearly tradition.
So this year I have decided to go realistic and fetch my own version of the tree- it fits the style (it's ugly), but I went into the woods myself to fetch it... and it was free.

It made it home, and now I have my very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree.
Thinking about traditions,  we like traditions.  Christmas has become a tradition involving lots of little traditions with each community, family, and individual. Traditions are good, I like them.  But ironically the first Christmas was all about surprises. Joseph was surprised.  Mary, well...  The Shepherds, Herod, the wise men, and probably even "small donkey" were all surprised.
I wish for you, amid all the wonderful traditions, a Christmas surprise - a Jesus surprise.