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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I am in Germany and I look forward to sharing more of the incredible youth congress I was a part of.  But for now... I have been surrounded by thousands of people that look like me, but don't talk like me.  But all is not lost, there seems to be an appreciation of pictures.  The above indicates (as I am sure you have figured out) there is a divided walkway.
Okay, and the next road sign means...umm I don't know.  I think it is encouraging adults to leave their cars and houses and play with the kids. :) Or maybe it means be careful in playing in the streets.
After church, over a thousand youth spilled onto the streets of Mannheim to tell people about Jesus. Really, we packed out several trains- it was great. And interesting for me was that one of the ways was the use of pictures.  They set something like this up in a public place and then waited for people to stop and look... then they would explain each frame, helping the individual to understand God.
Here is my "new" reflection (let your mind go into the boundaries of the philosophical):  No matter how far you travel, there will still be a crack in your sidewalk. (Do you get it?  I was impressed.)

Sunday, March 02, 2008

This is the newest member of my little sister's family.  Congratulations Melinda.  There is a division in our family... my mom and sister, Tawnie, say they see my little sisters lips and chin in this picture.  My dad and I disagree:  She is beautiful but you can't see all of that.  Here is the deal, her due date is within a week or so of my May 28 birthday - I think she should come bouncing out and join the celebration.
This is friday night at my house.  These are a few of the wonderful people that are part of my church.  We closed the week off and began Sabbath with a reading of scripture and praying a blessing on each of our families.