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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I thought you all might want to see a picture of my family... left to right: Jason (my brother-in-law), Melinda, me, dad, mom, Tawnie, and Boo. And no those are not flotation devices on my arms. This family photo is the result of too many hours of study and a few colored pencils at hand.

Introducing- Kyle my new housemate and friend. One tough boy.

This past Sunday we had a quad ski team. Just for the record we were on a little bench attached to a cable in the air during this picture (othewise known as a ski lift).

I was in Arizona a week and a half ago for a youth conference - here is part of the wonderful team there on our ski trip.

There was a great group of young people there in AZ - I hope they never forget how much Jesus loves them.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I met him while I was volunteering one night a week to stay over at the homeless shelter. Michael's burly frame would have been intiminating if it wasn't for his face that betrayed his kindness. He spent his evenings doing cross-word puzzles and always enjoyed hearing about what I was doing. Upon invitation he attended my church to hear me preach and later came a few nights to the evangelistic series we had. He never asked for anything more than my friendship. Eventually he was able to get a job (helping people) and then an apartment. Interestingly enough, after he had his own home, he volunteered at the same shelter where we met. After I moved away we kept in contact via e-mail and I would always know when he ran into one of my former church members. Anytime I was in town I knew we had an appointment to go for "coffee" together. I learned alot about listening and forgiveness from him. His laugh made my worst stories sound like they should be published. I received an e-mail in November that he had died. I'm not reflecting on the questions that go with events like this. But I am reminded that my life and your life is all about people. I am weary of the amount of times I am so self-consumed that I can't lift someone else. I want my life to be about people. that is, allowing Jesus' love to overflow. I read an article last week written by a woman reflecting on getting to know her neighbor and then him dying. Her point... to be more intentional on the opportunities to say "hello" and there will be less regret when we don't get to say "goodbye."

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I was there... I looked out over the water where Francis Scott Key watched Fort McHenry all through the night as the bombs burst in the air. I was in Baltimore a little more than a week ago and friday afternoon went out with a group to visit this important american site. Our flag was still there.
Protecting the fort was a difficult matter... have you ever tried to aim a cannon?
I was in Baltimore for the General Youth Conference - an excellent weekend. But first we had to get there... and here we are: after meeting at 3:30 a.m. we are now somewhere between Berrien Springs and Baltimore. Even the trip was good.

GYC - David and I at the booth.

The following week after Baltimore I spent it in Pennsylvania reconnecting with my friends and former church members. They even let me back into the youth SS.