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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Took my first trip into the state of Maine last week. Loved it and am now convinced that beside some awful tasting soda they drink up there... it is a fantastic place.
Absolutely loved playing hockey and snow shoeing for the first time... only missed out on seeing a live and wild moose.

In Reflection:

Haiti has gripped our attention and galvanized our hearts. And the headlines and stories coming out of that country are heart-breaking. I am proud of what individuals, churches, communities have done. Could we do more? Always. But both individuals within and the Seventh-day Adventist church organization have responded, reached out, and helped. I am proud of that. It’s not over; we all realize that the recovery and rebuilding will be a long process.

I only want to stop long enough to call us to consider ourselves. Are we “reacting” or is this who we are? Haiti needs our help, but we need a change in culture. Responding to a disaster is necessary and good, but it’s not all good if we that is how we live our lives. Jesus didn’t live that way, just responding to disasters. He lived his live serving one by one, and many of those “ones” didn’t know or feel they were in need. Everyday, he was all about people.

We will respond...and we should, but we will live- like Jesus did, all about people.